This feature allows TouchPoints to be taken, updated, and reviewed that were recorded anonymously in the site. Based on TouchPoint security permissions, a list of TouchPoints that have been previously recorded will display. The responses will be grouped by TouchPoint; to view the individual responses, users will click the toggle to expand (ordered by date completed). The date last updated, identifier, staff who recorded the TouchPoint, and status will all be displayed. Users have the option to view, edit, or delete all based on security permissions for the given TouchPoint. 

From the same page, a new TouchPoint can be completed anonymously via the “Take New TouchPoint” button or by clicking the quick “Take New” option that displays next to the TouchPoint name. If the user selects the Take New TouchPoint button, a drop down box will appear with all the TouchPoints available to the user to complete. If only one TouchPoint is available, the page will re-direct to the Record TouchPoint page for that TouchPoint.

Administrator tip: If TouchPoints are not appearing as you expect, confirm the following TouchPoint settings:

  • Security allows users in the program and of the appropriate roles to Record the TouchPoint.
  • Security above is applied to Anonymous recording that TouchPoint.

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