In ETO, a Marquee message is a site-wide message or announcement that scrolls along the top of the page right under the Quick Search. These kinds of announcements can be great for many things, including alerting users of a change that is taking place in your site or even just reminding users to log out when they're finished using the software. Marquee Messages can be sent by users with a Site Manager role and above.

To create a Marquee Message:

  1. Click on the Messages Tab
  2. Click the button near the top that says "Create Message"
  3. Click "Send A Marquee Message"
  4. Select the date range that you would like your message to show for
  5. In the Message Text section, type the message as you would like it to appear in your site
  6. Press "Send Message"

Your message will now appear to all users within your site!

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