Logging in to Connect

When a participant is granted access to Connect, they will be sent a link in an email to log in and set a password for the Portal. Participants can view programs and record TouchPoints. 

The URL to login is specific to your enterprise it is usually:  https://[enterprise name].socialsolutionsportal.com/

For example it might be: https://etoclient123.socialsolutionsportal.com/

Admins can find their unique URL by looking at the Intake Form link.

Forgot My Password

Clicking forgot my password with the email of a participant at the sign in area will reset that participants password. They will receive an email with a link to reset their password.

Password Requirements: must be at least 8 characters long, and must have at least one letter and one number

Taking Forms

Once logged in, Participants will be taken to the Dashboard. 

  1. List programs where participant is enrolled

  2. TouchPoints that participants can record

  3. Dashboard Messages

  4. Completed TouchPoints

  5.  Participant Information- Participants can click on their name to update phone number and email address* 

*Note: if a participant updates the email address in Connect that will not update the email field in ETO.

Complete a TouchPoint

To complete a Touchpoint, Click on the name of the TouchPoint form on the left side of the portal. 

Fill out the form, and click Save to complete. 

Once the TouchPoint is completed, it will be listed on the Participant dashboard. If given permission, participants can view the TouchPoints that have been completed.

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