Administrators can add messages or notification to inform Connect Participants of relevant information. 

Notifications will go to ALL participants that have access to Connect and can be set to certain time ranges.

The Participant will see the notification in the upper right corner of their Connect login.

Creating a Participant Notification

Step 1.  Click on Notifications > Add Notification

Step 2: Compose the notification. This message can be up to 500 Characters, be limited to a date range, and be allowed to be dismissed.

Step 3: Upon publish the notification will appear on the participants Connect dashboard.

Updating/Editing/Disabling Notifications

Step 1: Click on Notifications on the left side panel and see the Published tab for active notifications. See the closed tab for historic notifications.

Step 2: To edit a notification, Click the Pencil Icon next to the message.  

Step 3: This will bring up the edit screen. Make changes to the message and click Publish. To disable the message, click the circle with the line through Icon. This will remove the Message from all participant dashboards.

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