The To Do List feature gives you quick access to a range of ETO software To Do lists to help you best manage your work.

To Access:

To access one of your To Do Lists, click the To Do List Quick Navigation tab, show the to do list for To Do List, then click Go.

To Customize:

The view of the To Do List can be customized.

  1. Period - The date range you would like to see
  2. Show - Select how the To Do items should be organized (by participant name, outcome name, calendar, etc.)
  3. Scope -Program, Site, or Enterprise (if applicable)
  4. Staff -  If configured, program managers can view the To Do List of users with lower roles
  5. Print - The To Do List can be printed 

As an example, the calendar show option is one of the most popular:

Controlling Access:

The Site Administrator can allow users with program manager access and higher to review their staff's to do list from the Manage Programs page.

To Add:

Reminders can be added to the To Do List through the following features:  

Record Effort 

Take Assessment (Legacy Feature)  

Add Referral (the referral status feeder table must be populated and a value selected for the date of next contact to work)  

Record TouchPoint 

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